Xander got to have a small role in an independent film today. It was his first time doing anything like this and I was proud of how calm he was. It was really fun to be on the set and see how many different shots they take and how things aren’t filmed exactly how you think they are. Xander had to say his line and then just kind of sit there so the camera had time to pan up and move from face to face. It was a little weird for him but he got the hang of it.

Movie Shooting

Xander also got to learn about the boom mic. He got to wear the headphones and listen to how much sound the boom mic really picks up. I was a little jealous…I’ve never used a boom mic.

The sound guy made some chewing noises into the boom mic which Xander said was super gross to hear. Amplified mouth smashing…Yuck!

Boom Mic

Xander also got to learn that not everything goes as planned, especially when there’s a dog in the house. The dog had to go outside after this little interruption.

Dog Disrupts Scene

Here is the first take of Xander’s part. He is playing the older man’s grandson. His grandpa has just shown him how to do some origami. Xander loves origami so he was actually really interested in the little paper figure.

This is one of the later takes but not the last one. There were a lot of takes and I didn’t know which ones to film so I missed the last one, which was definitely the best one. In this take you can see all of the pausing that goes on to allow the camera to travel around and get shots. It looks awkward while it’s filmed but it’ll look great in the final product.

And that was Xander’s acting debut! It was a lot of fun for Xander and was so interesting for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about the finished film when it’s done and let you know where you can watch it. I’ll keep you posted.

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