One of the things that Adventure Dad and I try to do every month is take one of our kids on a one-on-one adventure. This allows us to connect with each of our kids individually. It doesn’t really matter what we do on these adventures. It just matters that there is some time to talk during or after the fun.

For my adventure with Adventure Girl this month, I decided to keep it simple and go to a park that we’d never been to before. And we had a lot of fun.

Adventure Girl loved the rock wall and did much better on it than I did. I blame the design. 🙂

I love parks and wish kids spent more time at them. They encourage kids to try new or scary things and just challenge them.

If you haven’t done monkey bars in a while, you’re in for a surprise. It hurts! Adventure Girl flew across those bars but my hands and arms were screaming at me to let go. Guess I need to work out more…that or spend more time at parks.

Since we were at a park, I had to let out my inner child and I recommend this to all parents. It’s okay to crawl through the tunnels with your kids and slide down the slides. And it’s okay if all of the other parents standing around look at you. They might not think you’re crazy. In fact, they just might gain courage from your example and ditch the iPhones for a turn on the merry-go-round.

Adventure Girl and I had a blast playing tag. It was hard to keep up with her as she ducked into tunnels, ran under bridges, climbed ropes, or slid down slides. And sometimes when I did catch her, I needed a rest. Tunnels are perfect for rests.

Adventure Girl thought that it was so funny that these rings were so close to the ground. But she still had to do them.

I wouldn’t have thought that the fake book section of the park would have been such an attraction but Adventure Girl loved them. We had to go through each one and state whether we had read them or not. And then Adventure Girl went through and pointed to all of the ones that she wanted to read. Props to the park designers who put in this little feature.

Oh, the merry-go-round. If you don’t remember spinning on one of these until you either flew off or felt incredibly sick, then you missed out on an important part of childhood. Now I just have to watch a merry-go-round to feel incredibly sick but Adventure Girl seemed to do just fine.

The park had this huge swing. And for most of the time when we were at the park there was a line for it. But by the time it was our turn to use it, there wasn’t anyone else in line. We got to use the turtle-shell swing for quite a while before anyone else came. And it was a lot of fun.

I love my one-on-one adventures with my kids. I get to learn so much about them and I hope that they get to learn about me too. I had so much fun at the park withAdventure Girl ! It was fun to be a kid again.