To celebrate Father’s Day and Adventure Dad’s birthday, we decided to take an impromptu trip to go hiking and explore somewhere we had never been before. How did we decide upon Silverthorne? Let’s just say that I found a great Airbnb that had a pool like I wanted and a price that was great and was in a fun, mountain town with lots of hiking. And that’s it. That’s how we decided to go to Silverthorne, Colorado, a place that neither of us had ever heard of, let alone been to.

Silverthorne turned out to be a great choice. It’s a gem of a little mountain town right in the midst of Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, and Copper Mountain. And the surrounding Ptarmigan and Eagles Nest Wilderness areas are fantastic for all kinds of outdoor recreation, especially hiking. And at 8,730 feet above sea level, Silverthorne is a great place to get some clean, mountain air.

Exploring Beautiful Colorado in Silverthorne: Day 1

The Ptarmigan Trail

We arrived in Silverthorne at around lunchtime after a very long time in the car. It was a few hours before we were supposed to check in to our Airbnb so we decided to go for a short hike. We chose a five-mile hike up the Ptarmigan Trail, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

Exploring Beautiful Colorado in Silverthorne: Day 1

Hiking up the trail was just what our legs needed after being in the car all morning. The kids were excited to get out and explore this new place. The first part of the trail is the steepest, which worked out great for us because that is also where we had the most energy. And, as a result, not one of our kids complained going up the steep part. Instead they pointed out the many beautiful wildflowers or turned to admire the view of the valley.

June was a great time to go to Silverthorne because all of the snow was finally off the trails. In fact, we only found a few muddy spots along our way. Although there were a few places where we had to go off trail to not get in the mud, but those places turned out to be an adventure in themselves and the kids loved climbing on and over the fallen trees.

My favorite parts of the Ptarmigan trail were the beautiful Aspen meadows and the little waterfalls that you’d happen upon almost before you knew they were coming. The view at the Overlook was also pretty impressive. All in all, the Ptarmigan Trail is definitely one that I’d recommend to young families or any hiking enthusiast with a few hours of spare time.

Exploring Beautiful Colorado in Silverthorne: Day 1

Checking In

After our fun hike it was time to check in to the Airbnb where we were staying. This was my first time using Airbnb and I’ve become a fan. We got a great place to stay with access to a pool and a kitchen and enough room for the kids and us to sleep and lounge around for way less than your standard hotel room. And I loved the ambiance of the place.

The Airbnb that we stayed at was a condo at the Treehouse. It had a bunk bed with a pullout, which made my kids excited because they each got their own bed. And it had board games and a fireplace in the living room which made for a fun family game night. But, most importantly, it had a pool. And I loved it because it was easy to check into. We simply had to key in the code on the door outside and unlock our keys to the place. And did I mention that it was a short walk away from several hiking trails?

Exploring Beautiful Colorado in Silverthorne: Day 1

Red Mountain Grill

My squeakers wanted to head for the pool right away but my stomach had other ideas. So we decided to get dinner first and then spend the rest of the evening in the pool. We found a cool, little restaurant nearby called the Red Mountain Grill. The restaurant itself was like eating in a large, mountain lodge with a strange, but cool assortment of weird art hanging from the ceiling and the walls. We had fun looking around the room and picking out our favorites. Adventure Babe loved the hanging, metal stars. While I loved the small, little corncob man hiding on top of an archway. The food was American steakhouse with southwestern flare and there was plenty of it. And our waitress was really friendly and gave us some great tips about the area.

Exploring Beautiful Colorado in Silverthorne: Day 1

The Pool!

After a very long trip in the car, a fun hike in the mountains, and food, we finally let the kids go the the pool. I headed straight for the hot tub and most of the kids followed me in. But soon enough they were running off to the pool and having swimming contests, which Adventure Boy and Girl would participate in and Adventure Babe would officiate. And occasionally they would come and visit me in the hot tub or drag Adventure Dad or I into the much-colder, but really-not-that-bad pool. We spent more than an hour at the pool and had it mostly to ourselves. And afterwards we spent a few minutes in the sauna to help us dry off, plus the kids had never been in one so they thought it was cool. And it’s always fun to try new things.

Exploring Beautiful Colorado in Silverthorne: Day 1

At the end of a long day we showered, got in our snuggly jammies, and cuddled up on the couches in the living room and watched Spy Kids, which was awful but my kids loved it. And then we drifted off to sleep to prepare for another day of adventure.