Hi. Adventure Girl is back for another book review. This book review is very special to me because polar bears are my favorite animal. This is only book one because I have not yet finished the series. I hope you enjoy this book review, and I hope you decide to read this series. Lets get started.

The Quest of the Cubs. I love this book so much. Its heart breaking, fun, it’s definitely full of adventure. It’s also full of action, love, and evilness. Even though its full of evilness its still a great book to read. You will probably love this book as much as I do right now. You should really read this book because you will treasure it so much.

My favorite part was where they met Skagen the snow leapord. Skagen taught them how to find where they wanted to go and he also helped them know where to go by just looking at the stars. And never forget he was a father to the cubs. I’m just going to mention now that in this book polar bears are named after the stars. P.S. Their stars are named different names than ours.

Again this is Adventure Girl. You should really read this series. This is a great series. I hope you decide to read it. Bye!