Hey there! We are the Adventure Family and are so happy that you chose to share our adventures!

Our story began on a blind date to our high school’s Homecoming dance. My good friend told Adventure Dad that he should ask me to the dance and, after looking at my yearbook picture, he decided to take the leap. We must have had a good time because here we are, many years, three kids, and a dog later.

The best thing about our family is that we love to be together. We love sharing adventures, giggling in sleeping bags, facing our fears, and learning and growing together. And we have learned so much from our adventures that we wanted to share our exploits with other families looking to grow closer and feel excited about life. And that is why Ignite Adventure! was born.

We want to share amazing places to visit and beautiful natural vistas. We aim to inspire you to try crazy things that will get your adrenaline pumping. We wish to share ways to create memories that will last a lifetime. But most of all, we hope to help you and your family love to be together.

When we are not off on a new adventure, we are busy igniting adventures at home! We live in a charming town in Utah with a magnificent view of the mountains. We spend our time reading, trying out new things, exploring nearby areas, writing, learning, and playing. We like to enjoy new foods, examine new gear, explore great books, and search out new experiences. And we want to share those things with you.

Time to introduce the family…

Ashley JensenMeet Adventure Mom!

I grew up as a tomboy and have managed to stay that way. I would rather be wearing jeans and a t-shirt than a fancy dress and pearls any day. And I’d rather be snuggling with my puppy than rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. I like the simple things.

I grew up playing basketball on the cement and football on the grass with the neighborhood boys and taking in any stray dogs that I could find and my mom would let me keep. When I wasn’t exploring the nearby “woods” I was curled up with a book. I loved all of the adventures that I could take in my mind with a book in my hand. In an instant I could be in the Amazon, exploring Everest, back with King Arthur’s knights, or on Mount Olympus. I truly believe that reading is our passport to the imagination and books are the stamps we put in it.

As an adult I wanted to take my love of books and turn it into a career so I became a writer. I have been a managing editor of three magazines, a technical writer for various companies, and am currently a professional writer for a tech company and a novelist. With Ignite Adventure! I have combined two of my greatest loves, writing and my family. And I’m so excited to share those loves with you.

Tye JensenMeet Adventure Dad!

Adventure Dad grew up running down the pavement wearing a red cape and a big S on his chest. And somedays I swear he still wants to. While I keep us on the ground, Adventure Dad is constantly pulling us towards the clouds. He is full of big fun, tricks, and teases. He is my best friend and the best husband and dad in the world.

Adventure Dad became a student athletic trainer at our high school and his love of medicine was born. He pursued his dream and eventually became a Physician Assistant specializing in Family Practice. When Adventure Dad isn’t seeing patients or reading the latest medical journal, he is inspiring us at home. Adventure Dad is the creative soul in the family. He loves drawing and designing. He creates our logos and takes all of our really beautiful pictures.

Adventure Dad is also the one that pushes the envelope. He encourages the kids to push their limits and calms me while I watch them. He also brings out the best in me whether we are pressing on through the final miles of a marathon or just dealing with the daily stresses of raising a young family. He is always dreaming of our next adventure and encouraging us to do the same.

Xander JensenMeet Adventure Boy!

Adventure Boy is our resident bookworm. If his head isn’t in a book, there’s a good chance he’s creating new worlds with Legos or Minecraft. Adventure Boy is also currently on the demanding journey to get a black belt in martial arts so he spends a lot of time abusing the punching bag in the basement. He’s always ready to sit down and face you in a game of chess. And, if you’re lucky, he might play you a song on his guitar. Adventure Boy is our backpacking enthusiast and will hike for miles with all his gear on his back. He loves to camp and loves traveling to remote campsites.

Selene JensenMeet Adventure Girl!

Adventure Girl is our thrill seeker. She started crushing rollercoasters at age three and still loves them. Adventure Girl is also our little rock climber and is constantly begging to go to the local rock climbing gym. She wishes that we had a rock wall in our house so that she could climb every day. Adventure Girl is also our artist and from day one hasn’t been afraid to do things differently. Pink trees and yellow rivers always have a place on her canvas. And if you’re walking by our house and hear a lot of noise, it’s most likely Adventure Girl rocking out on her drums. The girl has mad skills.

Aspen JensenMeet Adventure Babe!

Adventure Babe is our rainbow chaser and consummate dress-up artist. She goes through several outfits and personas a day and is constantly clamoring for nail polish or lipstick. I once asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and without any hesitation whatsoever she told me that she wanted to be a unicorn princess. The girl has dreams. Adventure Babe also loves the wilderness and as a five-year-old could out-hike most adults while wearing a tiara. Her tiny little legs just keep going and going and she isn’t afraid of anything. Adventure Babe keeps us inspired to smile a little brighter and laugh a little more. She loves the world and only wishes that it was covered in glitter and sparkles.

Rogue JensenMeet Adventure Dog!

Adventure Dog enjoys running and playing with other dogs. And she absolutely loves being outside. She is always up for any camping trip we take her on, although she isn’t the best sleeping companion in a tent. Adventure Dog is likely to lick your face as she passes by, which we call a drive-by licking, and you have to watch out for her wagging tail which can pack quite the wallop. Adventure Dog is most at home bounding up a mountain trail or hopping through a meadow. And yes, she really does look like she’s hopping.