One of the things that Tye and I try to do every month is take one of our kids on a one-on-one adventure. This allows us to connect with each of our kids individually. It doesn’t really matter what we do on these adventures. It just matters that there is some time to talk during or after the fun.

For my adventure with Xander this month, I decided to do something that we both love, reading, in a place that we both love, a bookstore. So naturally we headed over to Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble

We went all around the store, looking at all the different books and displays. We talked about our favorite authors and pointed out some of their books. We messed around at the Harry Potter display casting spells with the wands. We wandered through the woods in the children’s section. And we laughed at the various Pop Heads they had (they even had one for characters from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies…it was crazy).

The Iliad
Xander loves mythology so we just had to get a picture with the giant Iliad book

And then it was time to get serious. It was time to pick out a book to buy. We circled the store together talking about various choices until we finally settled on some. Xander decided to start a new series with The Land of Stories. He’d looked at one of the books in the series at the library before and was interested in it. And I picked up Tony Robbins’ latest book because that’s what piqued my curiosity.

After we had our books selected it was time for refreshments. I had a strawberry scone that was delightful and Xander picked out a heavenly chocolate cupcake and a strawberry Italian soda. The books would have to wait.

Treats at Barnes & Noble

We had so much fun talking and laughing between bites of dessert. Xander is just such an amazing kid and such a deep thinker. He has great insights and a very active imagination. And he becomes very animated when he talks about books.

After our delicious treats, it was time to do what we came here for. So we found a secluded corner near the back of the store and got comfortable.It was time to read. It was time to get serious…after some silly selfies of course.

Goofing at Barnes & Noble

We read for quite a while but eventually it was time to head home. So we gathered up our books, paid for them at the register (didn’t want you to think we’d stolen them), and bid adieu to our beautiful book repository.

It was a great one-on-one adventure and I’m so glad that I was able to spend it with my favorite little man. What can I say, the kid loves to read!

Love to Read

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